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Buy a jader roller: Jader rollers have been around for many years and are supposed to help improve some body problems.

Buy Jaderoller: What is a Jaderoller?

Jade face rolls can be made of jade or quartz stone and are intended to provide a kind of massaging effect when inserted. Jade rollers belong to the “Gua Sha massage tools” and are also called crystal face rollers. With these rollers, a polished, rounded crystal is attached to one end, which can then be rolled with the handle on the face or other skin surfaces. Some rollers also have two ends, with a long oval stone at one end for the flat areas of the face and a smaller, rounder stone at the other end for the areas under the eyes, nose and eyes.

Although we are talking about jader rollers here, there are also such rollers made of rose quartz, tourmaline and amethyst.

Jader rollers should bring useful effects for modeling, tightening and tightening the skin up to the promotion of blood circulation, the improvement of shine and elasticity and detoxification. They should also be useful for the reduction of swelling and the minimization of fine wrinkles.

Jade itself is a beautiful and useful green mineral rock that has been highly valued for thousands of years. Jade is also available in other colours, such as pink.

Jade rollers are not a new invention, because there are indications of the use of jade stones on the skin in China already in the 7th century. Yushi gunlun is the name of the rollers there. The use of crystals for skin care was also practiced in the Middle Ages and in ancient India. The rollers were “rediscovered” mainly in the USA when “Vogue” published an article in 2016 and introduced the rollers.

Jader roller advantages: what do jader rollers

The general purpose of a Jade Roller is to massage the skin, so to speak a “lymph drainage massage”. Similar to cupping lymph (fluid) should be gently removed from skin and muscle tissue and the oxygen flow in the skin stimulated. The rollers can be used in the morning and evening. To get a special cool feeling, you can also put the roller in the fridge.

In Chinese medicine, the gemstone is used to extract negative energy from the body and balance the chi. Here jade is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Otherwise, the main function of a jade roller is massage. A facial massage promotes blood circulation and helps to bring fresh blood into the skin cells. Such practices are recommended in many beauty clinics.

Jaderollers are not strongly represented in research. A Japanese Study from 2016 had test participants treat the right cheek with a roller and found that
“The short-term massage significantly increased blood flow to the face in the right cheek alone for at least 10 minutes after the massage. The 5-week intervention increased the response of vasodilatation to heat stimulation only in the right cheek significantly. These results suggest that performing a short-term facial massage with a roller increases facial perfusion and long-term use improves response to vasodilatation.

Jaderollers are no miracle cure either: if you see extra shine or reduced swelling, they are short-lived changes, because facial massages – with a stone or otherwise – are not a magical cure for skin ailments. A jade roller cannot stimulate collagen production either.

Buy Jader Roller: Frequently asked questions about Jaderoller (FAQ)

How to use a Jade Roller?

  • Start in the middle of the face and roll out over the cheeks.
  • Then roll towards the eyebrows and roll up over the forehead.
  • Finally roll under the lower lip and down over the chin.

Use the smaller end for more sensitive areas and hard-to-reach places, the larger end for wide areas (jaws, etc.).

How often should you use a Jade roll?

It can make sense once in the morning and once in the evening after washing. However, there is no “maximum”, you can always roll when the face needs a moment of rest. You can use Jaderoller together with oils and serums to oil yourself a little.

How to clean a jade roller and where to store it?

After each use, the roller should be washed with a clean cloth. For more thorough cleaning, wash the roller with water and detergent, paying attention to any cracks. If the roller squeaks, you can usually lubricate it with a little (skin-friendly) oil.


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